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Interested in learning how to make Android apps?

Learn Android Programming with our 2-part training course series.

Introduction to Android programming and advanced Android programming make it easy and efficient to learn Android development.

This Android Training course is designed to quickly get you up to speed how to make

Android apps for Android devices. This Android development training course will teach you the

basic of the Android platform and application lifecycle. You will be able to write simple GUI

applications, use built-in widgets and components, work with the database to store data locally, and

much more by the end of this Android training course.

Architecture of Android
Layers of Android OS - in brief
The Required Tools
java JDK
Android SDK
Android Development Tools (ADT )
Creating Android Virtual Devices (AVD s)

What's included

  • 11 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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